Good Time for Good Times
Monday, 29 December 2008 18:56

As if the punishment for DWI were not severe enough, New Jersey has found ways of inflicting further pain on those convicted of the “serious traffic offense.” Felons with multiple convictions are allowed to reduce their sentence by behaving according to the rules in jail. They are also allowed to reduce their sentence by working in the jail. Neither of these applies to someone convicted of DWI in New Jersey. You must serve the full 180 days.

If you are convicted of any serious offense other than a serious drug offense, a sex offense, or DWI, you can apply for a work release program. In this program, you can work during the day and report to the jail each night. The geniuses behind this rule obviously equate someone who goes out and has a few legal drinks with friends, and has the lack of common sense to drive, with a pervert who rapes a child or with a drug dealer. Does that make any sense to you? It is time for DWI reform in New Jersey.





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