Delaware Gets Tough on DUIs
Tuesday, 14 July 2009 22:31

Governor Jack A. Markell (D) of Delaware just signed two new laws that increase penalties for driving under the influence. The two bills were House Bill 152 and Senate Bill 177. House Bill 152 increases fines for all DUI offenses and makes the penalties particularly tough on fourth and subsequent offenders. With it, six months of jail time is required and the charge would be a felony. The full text of House Bill 152 can be read here.

Senate Bill 177 applies to first time offenders with a BAC reading of .15 or higher. The new penalties increase the period of license revocation to six months from three. It also increases the imposition of ignition interlock devices and limits drivers with ignition interlock devices to driving for work, school, alcohol treatment or service appointments for the device. The complete text of the bill can be read here

Since the penalties imposed by House Bill 152 are onerous, it will surely increase the need for and cost of good defense attorneys.





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