Texas DWI Law Circumvents Constitution
Friday, 31 July 2009 22:39

On September 1, a new law will take effect in Texas that allows the police to order that blood be drawn from DWI suspects without a court warrant. Officers will only have this right if the suspect is a repeat offender, a minor under 15 is present in the car or someone gets hurt.

This law gives too much power to police with no judicial oversight. It will also put a huge burden on testing labs in the states. It is possible that they may be overwhelmed by requests since there will be no checks and balances to the police officer’s authority on the matter.

This is another example of laws being enacted across the country that are designed to reduce drinking and driving, but try to accomplish this in an almost  totalitarian way. This law skirts the foundations of the legal system in this country. It is time to stop the abuse of power that Mothers Against Drunk Driving is pushing. Write your local officials and tell them where you stand.





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