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The Orr Law Family, Colorado LawyerAggressive and Experienced Denver DUI Lawyers

The  Orr Law Firm, LLC of Denver, Colorado represents those facing drunk driving  charges in courtrooms throughout the Denver area and Colorado's Front Range. In  many cases you have only seven days from your arrest to respond in order to  preserve your rights. In all cases, you only have seven days to respond after  receiving your DMV Express Consent Affidavit in order to protect your privilege to drive  in Colorado and to avoid the automatic revocation of your driver’s license.

 Attorneys  at The Orr Law Firm, LLC will uncompromisingly fight to defend your rights and  protect your driving privileges in all DUI and traffic related matters  including Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) hearings dealing with license suspensions,  revocations, and habitual traffic offender (HTO) issues.  We will handle every aspect of  your DUI/DWAI or criminal traffic matter from start to finish.

Colorado  DUI attorneys with The Orr Law Firm, LLC exclusively handle DUI and criminal  traffic matters.  Many attorneys claim to have experience “handling” DUI  cases, but few have the specific knowledge, training and passion that are  required to handle such a complex charge.  Denver DUI lawyer Rhidian Orr  and his staff promise to provide you with aggressive and competent  representation while providing you with a level of customer service that is  rare in the legal field.

 Our  mission is to provide each and every client of The Orr Law Firm with the  highest quality of representation possible in order to obtain the best result  achievable in each and every case.  To achieve this mission, The Orr Law  Firm has a staff dedicated to defending you, reviewing your case and  communicating with you, the client. 

Why Should you hire a Colorado DUI Defense Attorney?

An  aggressive and well-trained Colorado DUI lawyer will understand and embrace the challenges in  DUI defense and will investigate and exploit issues with every test  result.  Because of the complexity and difficulty in preparing successful  defenses, you must select your DUI defense attorney carefully and ensure that  their level of knowledge is superior to that of other defense attorneys.   Do not hire based on price alone.  Remember, you often get what you pay  for when it comes to criminal defense attorneys.  Almost all criminal  defense attorneys claim to “handle” DUI cases; however, before you retain an  attorney you need to visit the “Selecting a DUI Attorney” page to ensure your attorney has the right  combination of experience, training and knowledge in defending Colorado drunk  driving cases.

DUI  is unique in that it is committed primarily by individuals who are respectable  citizens who have never been in trouble before and have no prior criminal  record.  These individuals often feel as though they made a mistake and  that the “system” will understand this, and that they will receive the minimum  penalties and thus do not need to spend money on a Colorado DUI attorney, but rather can hire any criminal defense  attorney.  As a result, these highly complex cases are handled routinely  by attorneys with insufficient knowledge of the extensive scientific, evidentiary,  procedural, and tactical considerations involved.  The result is often  less than desirable and often very predictable for the client.

Attorneys  at The Orr Law Firm, LLC have worked on over a 1,000 DUI and criminal traffic  cases and have earned a reputation as one of Colorado’s top DUI defense  firms.  To learn more about Rhidian Orr and his staff of trained  professionals, visit the Our Staff page or contact The Orr Law Firm for a no obligation, free consultation to discuss your case and the facts surrounding it.


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